Belarus Social Orphanage Closes It's Doors

Since the inception of nuclear radiation that spread about the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and many pockets of Europe in general (as far as Germany and further) a few orphanage's have been attempting to aid and assist in the actual, real time fall out of this tragedy. Many children in the early years of Chernobyl fallout were born with birth defects and genetic mutations. All the same, the entire region was riddled with crisis, and I can't even imagine what parents truly went through in this period, and if born a child with birth defects or mutations, how they could they cope in a crisis such as this?

In many terms, I'm against just dropping off your relatives to institutions to solve your problems ie how many folk forced burdens onto the asylum population? However, in the case of this environmental disaster, my heart reaches out to the childern, parents and not-for-profit organizations that developed these orphanages after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

I could only hope we would all continue to support these causes, not only in heart and mind, and in our respective prayers, but in real time tangible resources, such as a one-time donation, or larger so these units can continue to succeed in a common vision, in a region that truly needs our international support.

Three Orphanages You Can Support:

1) The Rechitsa Orphanage in Belarus has been caring for a large population of ill and deformed children. Children are 20 times more sensitive to radiation levels than adults.

2)  Zhuravichi Children’s Home is another orphanage for the Chernobyl victims: Even to this day, the majority of people in Belarus or in the world are not aware of the existence of such orphanages” (Chernobyl Children’s Project-UK)

3)  Smilovichi Social Orphanage: Unfortunately, it looks this institution recently closed it's doors in Belarus. On their website, recent quote "Unfortunately because of a local disagreement over a building contract at the orphanage the charity felt that it was time to move on, this was with great regret after the many years we had been involved with this place." 

Please help however you can.

Chernobyl Children Registered & Protected
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