Belarus Social Orphanage Closes It's Doors

Since the inception of nuclear radiation that spread about the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and many pockets of Europe in general (as far as Germany and further) a few orphanage's have been attempting to aid and assist in the actual, real time fall out of this tragedy. Many children in the early years of Chernobyl fallout were born with birth defects and genetic mutations. All the same, the entire region was riddled with crisis, and I can't even imagine what parents truly went through in this period, and if born a child with birth defects or mutations, how they could they cope in a crisis such as this?

In many terms, I'm against just dropping off your relatives to institutions to solve your problems ie how many folk forced burdens onto the asylum population? However, in the case of this environmental disaster, my heart reaches out to the childern, parents and not-for-profit organizations that developed these orphanages after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

I could only hope we would all continue to support these causes, not only in heart and mind, and in our respective prayers, but in real time tangible resources, such as a one-time donation, or larger so these units can continue to succeed in a common vision, in a region that truly needs our international support.

Three Orphanages You Can Support:

1) The Rechitsa Orphanage in Belarus has been caring for a large population of ill and deformed children. Children are 20 times more sensitive to radiation levels than adults.

2)  Zhuravichi Children’s Home is another orphanage for the Chernobyl victims: Even to this day, the majority of people in Belarus or in the world are not aware of the existence of such orphanages” (Chernobyl Children’s Project-UK)

3)  Smilovichi Social Orphanage: Unfortunately, it looks this institution recently closed it's doors in Belarus. On their website, recent quote "Unfortunately because of a local disagreement over a building contract at the orphanage the charity felt that it was time to move on, this was with great regret after the many years we had been involved with this place." 

Please help however you can.

Chernobyl Children

Exploring Historical Buffalo, New York
                                    (The Swannie House, Buffalo NY/Image copyright of Lieuxabandonnes)

I hopped on a Greyhound bus on Thanksgiving Day and headed to Buffalo NY. As it turns out, traveling the US on Thanksgiving isn't recommended; finding a meal or even snack is near impossible. One of my greatest memories of this trip was the hospitality and generosity of the bus driver who shared his thanksgiving meal with me. This was my final lasting impression of what it means to be an American before I headed home to Canada.The six days I spent in Buffalo would be my final photographic exploration of the USA, and it was a memorable visit to say the least.

I had some locations in mind to explore, but as it turned out, local advice changed my mind about where I'd actually explore. I stayed at the Buffalo Hostel and met three photographers who were exploring that week. I have to say that really was a bonus to have inside information ie routes of travel and so on. One of the photographers was a seasoned expert about the historical grain elevators of Buffalo NY and even offered to take me along and go down the elevator shoots together. Teach me the ropes, if you will.

I ended up declining after mulling this over a few days because I follow my intuition, and the thought of not having the physical strength to pull myself back up once down didn't seem terribly appealing ... maybe if I was 20 years younger ... As it turned out, intuition is best. A month later an injury from previous months manifested in Canada, whereby my neck and spine collapsed and was paralyzed for almost a year down my left side of my body. Due to my injuries, I'm very cautious about exploring, and as you know, while it doesn't happen often, some explorers have perished in unsafe buildings.

What remains memorable to me are the unintended discoveries along my route, like stumbling upon an abandoned fuel station called Sam's. That's a first. I've never seen so many American flags in any city, nearly every image has a flag somewhere. Up the road at the corner of Ohio and Michigan I stepped into the Swannie House for some downright good tender vittles and washed it down with a beer. Several hours of a constant drizzle of rain in late November left me cold to the bone, so stepping into the historical Swannie House wrapped up my visit to Buffalo in such a positive note.

The staff were super friendly, so I lingered at Swannie's listening to local history. I pulled myself away as I had a bus to catch in a few hours back to Canada. I stepped out the door into the cold rain on Ohio and made my way back to the hostel, threw my damp clothes into a dryer and said my final farewells to Buffalo NY.

                              (Old Hardie Kentucky Straight Whiskey/Images copyright of Lieuxabandonnes)

No Pun Intended but Really?
A brief 'brief' or update since Fukushima updates since 2011: In response to

We've been 'listening' to you dudes since 2011, and what we want to know is a basic question, a level 7 catastrophe, and you don't know what the heck you're doing since 2011, but we're supposed to believe these reports?

I already gave up years ago, and the only sane thing anyone can surmise out of this fiasco is we're just waiting for this to 'finally' 'blow up' in your faces once and for all (no pun intended, really...!)

 Aren't you getting tired of the same rhetoric year after year ? (yawn...)

One of the comments at 9news: Now this dude knows what he is talking about, but it's the voice no one wants to listen to. At the extinction level. That's the best case scenario if they really can contain this thing, but they can't, the worst case scenario which hasn't occurred yet? Well, you use your noodle and figure it out.... china syndrome 101... (let's hope so? But beware this author and what political bend she is coming from as convincing as she sounds!)) either way, we're all on borrowed time.

The one thing about Three Mile Island, if you note,the difference between Three Mile Island meltdown and Fukushima is here noted in the 'trivial radiation releases, which there is nothing trivial about Fukushima radiation releases,even 5-6 yrs later!

'There have been no negative health effects due to the relatively trivial radiation releases from the TMI accident'

Andrew Jackson ·
They have done nothing but lied about this problem until the lies wont cover any more. This is probably one of the biggest failure of our political system. For this danger to exist an our politicians go to great lengths to subtrufudge the public into believing that there is no real threat. Fukashima has surpassed Chernobly in worst accidents. Chernobly is contained, the containment is crumbling, but it is still contained, but fukashima cant be contained an it can very well be in the earth now, an for a while, interacting with water. Uncharted waters, but long before it had reached to this point it was an extinction level event. Even if it didnt outright kill you, it will kill the life in the oceans, it will kill the birds of the air, and eventually it will contaminate your soil, and no food, done. The world should of came together and contained this. The USA has like the possiblity of like 80 of these same instances from happening. Making an already bad situation worse. The bad think is that this all was thought up by the people they consider smart. You most definitly should get your house in order. The 2020 games are in Tokyo, and it was outright dusted by this accident. Doing that is like playing russia roullet with our best stocks dna. Crazy. Im not interested in eating puffer fish.
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator History

Considered to be the oldest grain elevator of it's kind in Canada, built in 1897, by the Lake of the Woods Milling Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. it continued operations with several ownership changes until 1968. Since 1968, the oldest historical grain elevator in Canada has stood vacant and abandoned to this day.We know certain grain elevators have been transformed into small homes and bed and breakfast establishments over the last few decades, but we don't know why this grain elevator has stood abandoned as long as it has so far, to this date.
Abandoned Manitoba: Copley Anglican Church and Cemetery

(Copley Anglican Church, erected in 1892 (1967)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey)
((1967)Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey.)

Copley Anglican Church and Cemetery, originally known as St. George's Anglican Church, built in 1892. Over time, as the original settlement passed away and diminished, the church deconsecrated in 1913. This historical church has remained in its remote location since 1913 untouched, except for folklore stories about it being used as a boot camp during the prohibition years and during the 1930s, locals attempted to protect this site by finally boarding up all doors and windows. Still fully intact in the 1960s, since then the natural environment has finally taken it's toll upon this historical structure. In a 2011 exploration the images reveal that only the outer walls remain intact, and that nature since has ravished this historical site over time since 1913.

((2011) Source:G.Goldsborough) Registered & Protected
Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
-Henri Cartier-Bresson-

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