Elena Filatova Reminds Us of Chernobyl in Her New Book: Ghost Town
We wanted to write about Elena Filatova, an explorer at heart and creator of a 10-year online journal documenting her explorations by Motorcycle in the dead zone of (and beyond) Chernobyl. We highly recommend her website consisting of 10 years of intimate photojournalism into the behind the scenes story of what has really happened since the nuclear reaction at Chernobyl in 1986.

Her journals and photos are poignant while weaving political history, scientific antidotes, her personal impressions and true life stories of the abandoned people and animals, not only within the dead zone but in hundreds of ghost towns 40 to 80 kms away from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site.

Elena Filatova has made exploring these areas and ghost towns a life long hobby and this year at the 10th anniversary of her website published Chernobyl Photobook ' Ghost Town.' The proceeds go toward the author buying food supplies and essentials for all those still remaining in the irradiated and abandoned ghost towns and villages to this day.

We are also fond of the authors journal 'Land of the Wolves.' And recently, her concerns are for the recent nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan:

"Nowadays, we are moving from catastrophe to catastrophe so fast that no one has time to learn from what is happening, thus we are doomed to repeat it all again and again. Each time history repeats itself the price goes up. 

My aim is to take hold of important events I have witnessed and rescue from oblivion deeds that have been forgotten or chosen to have been forgotten. With time, cities perish and the memory of things is lost, so the sole purpose of my work is to preserve memories on the internet forever.

Since the Ghost Town site first went on the Internet in 2003, tens of millions visitors have viewed the Chernobyl information which it provides. This site is maintained by me, the author, and is completely free of all popup ads and spyware. There are no copyright issues. 

Work on this site is my hobby, which I pursue in my free time.""

We can't say enough good things about the authors courageous explorations into contaminated areas, her insights and obvious passion for her cause. In our mind's, Elena Filatova is the epitomy of what it means to be an explorer who explores the abandoned. 
Post Apocalyptic Now:
Hello fellow survivors,

We're in the future, yet now in a post apocalyptic reality.

You do not know the past entirely, and if this blog/post/literature continues to exist, like we hope it will, for generations.... you are seeking answers to the past.

You see, no one knew we were in an apocalypse when radiation from four nuclear reactors in Fukushima, in an island country called 'Japan' erupted and lasted for years and years, environmental contamination spewing into the seas and into the land over what was supposed to be 40 years, and ended up at least 100 years.

We thought, ignorantly, that an environmental apocalypse would be dramatic, all over the news, and world wide spread knowledge, but in the end the apocalypse was silent, humble and too many years to take effect and its toll on the oceans, plant life and human beings. No one sounded the trumpets, or interceded and it was business as usual on planet earth.

We thought it would and should be like AMC's 'Walking Dead' or other examples like this, but ignored far too long, until it was too late, that we all we're the walking dead but did not see it, feel it...yet....as that is the silent death of nuclear energy.

We died of nuclear contamination, except for you survivors. Over time. It wasn't quick, or dramatic, but a slow death of time. And now it is up to you, and hopefully communications like this and many others are accessible to you in the future. That is our hope, to let you know what your past was, what earth was.... and what you need to contend with this day.

(Thinking of the current events and obstacles facing Japan, Tepco, the environment and the world, I wanted to write a what if? letter to a post-apocalyptic world and the remaining survivors.)
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Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
-Henri Cartier-Bresson-

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We see the beauty in decay and the shadowed dreams of the forgotten.