Urbex Explorer: Mike Dijital
Recently, I was exposed online to Mike Dijital’s urbex work and degGi5, so I wanted to (humbly) write a few words about Mike and his work as urban explorer simply because he left an impression on me.

I was exposed to Mike’s explorations one night as I was seeking out a possible local urban exploration group near to me. I stumbled on an AC article, written by FreakMamma, derived from an interview with Mike Dijital. One thing lead to another – you know – following the links, and now its history to be written about.

Mike Dijital’s work symbolizes what authentic urban exploration is all about. You may want to look at his work, which you can find at his website. His work has been featured in Weird US’ Weird Massachusetts, as well as having a hand in films such as Session 9, Nothing Better, and the research and trailer for Project 17.

Mike also has a few publications in circulation, some in collaboration and his own collection of photography in Abandoned. It doesn’t end there. Mike’s hobby is definitely a passionate one.

He is also the founder of degGi5, a private group forum for explorers, including the weekly degGi5 show on Thursdays. The forum is a safe place for explorers and urban armchair explorers alike.

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