Ways to Manage Radiation Poisoning
Ever since March 11th citizens across North America begun stockpiling iodide pills, known to counter the effects of radiation fallout and the associated risks of developing thyroid cancer.

Iodide Pills or Natural Foods?

Whether you live in a zone in risk of nuclear contamination, or not - here are some other preventative measures you and your family can consider for your overall health. Iodide pills can create complications or allergic reactions for a portion of the population, but taking daily doses of certain natural foods have been associated with combating radiation poisoning. Many of these foods were discovered to be beneficial during the treatment of exposed, or contaminated, patients during the fallout in Hiroshima.

Beneficial Foods

Foods which are beneficial include sea vegetables, including kelp, spirulina, chorella and other algae products. Considering the notion right now that ocean seaweeds are absorbing a large percentage of radiation dumped in the ocean near the Fukishima plants, seaweeds will no longer be a viable solution in the months to come. Stock up now.

Taking small daily doses of these seaweeds help the body to release toxic substances from the system. Eat your daily doses of vegetables; vegetables are part of natural detoxification. Cabbage is said to be particularly beneficial in the process of radiation cleansing, or chelation. However, keep in mind which large-leafy vegetables could be highly radiated at the present time, and refrain from eating those.

Other studies have shown that baking soda soaks help remove radiation from the body, as well as brushing the teeth with baking soda. During the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs, a doctor administered the baking soda bathe successfully. The consequence: No deaths from radiation at his clinic.

What we can gather from these previous studies is that probably any food or detox practice, including sauna usage, is likely good for assisting in detoxing from radiation risks. However, from what we understand, from Hiroshima and Chernobyl is that baking soda and zeolite are both good radiation detox substances. Both baking soda and food-grade zeolite may be taken orally as well.

Washing your laundry in a half a cup of baking soda is another preventative measure.

Add a small pinch of baking soda to your one-cup of drinking water. Please be sure to purchase a water purifier as well. Water distillation, reverse osmosis or even a PUR brand tap filter will help filter out radioactive particles and gases. Charcoal filters are very good at filtering out most, if not all, radioactive particles from drinking water.

Staying as healthy as possible is always one of the best preventative measures we can take and is also within our means of control. Taking antioxidant supplements (rather than eating leafy vegetables that may be radiated) and seaweeds, along with detox bathes may be the best protocol.

Foods to Avoid

Refraining from highly-sugared foods is advised with radiation poisoning. Healing is blocked when sugar is taken regularly, particularly refined sugar. But this remains valid for many disease processes where refined sugar lowers the immunity function in almost all disease pathways.

Another suggestion is to avoid milk products, until radiation levels decrease in intensity. Many have noted had the Soviet Union told Chernobyl the true facts and advised citizens not to drink the milk, many (if not most) of the deaths and ill health effects could have been avoided (Apart from those immediately contaminated with extremely high doses of gamma radiation during the nuclear crisis).
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