Japan's Nuclear Energy and the Supermoon
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Yesterday I wrote about the situation around Japan being one of the leading countries of recycling MOX fuel, a deadly cocktail of plutonium and uranium. It's left open-ended so that you can draw your own conclusions as to why hardly anyone is discussing the MOX fuel issue in Japan's nuclear energy crisis.

Here are some ways we're being 'dumbed' down with facts and empty rhetoric:

We're told, especially at the onslaught of the Fukashima crisis, that Japan is the world leader in nuclear energy so 'don't worry, be happy' they know what they're doing because they are a leader in the nuclear industry.

Wakeup Call
Transitioning to the recycling of plutonium doesn't make a nation a leader in the nuclear industry, it makes you a ticking time bomb. It also increases your chances of encountering terrorism and illegal activities, such as setting up secret transport missions of fuel cells to Japan. Waste materials, such as plutonium and MOX are NOT commodities but dangerous waste. Yet, Japan is now a leader of the industry due to recycling what shouldn't be recycled in the first place.

More so, MOX fuel doesn't do well in some reactors, especially older reactors, such as those in Fukushima. But it's being used anyhow, despite the dangers involved.

Some Interesting Quotes

"Japan has plans to build breeder reactors and reprocessing plant that could produce fuel for thousands of nuclear weapons." Is this how we perceive an industry leader? Do we need thousands more nuclear weapons? The whole concept of MOX fuel was to rid of old nuclear weaponary waste in the first place. What's happening now at Fukashima is showing us that thoughtless ways to dispose of deadly waste always comes back to bite us in the ass.

This brings us to another growing rhetoric, and it probably offends some but let's get real, shall we? The workers at Fukashima are heroes. Are they? Do we know this for sure? Or are they being forced to do this incredibly dangerous mission? Or not even fully aware of the dangers involved? No one's especially talking about this neither.

"Laborers who work at nuclear plants are often homeless people, foreign immigrants and burakumin (descendants of an outcast class) who are recruited as day laborers by gangs that have connections with the yakuza. It is not usual for these workers work unprotected in areas with high levels of radiation. The workers are sometimes called "nuclear gypsies." One of these workers told the Los Angeles Times he worked for two hours in room with steam leaking out of a pipe the whole time. Unbeknownst to him the steam was highly radioactive. When he was finished his radio meter pointed off the scale. A few months later his joints swelled and his hair and teeth fell out."

So today, I viewed a Reuters report stating that the Japanese government is not releasing who the workers are, who stayed - nothing. That bothers me. Immensely. These men are heroes even if they didn't actually sign up for it knowingly, that is for sure. But we really don't know, do we?

Does the earthquake, tsunami and the unknowing people in Japan have my sympathy - yes. Does a dishonest nuclear industry have my sympathy - no.Why my sympathy is running out and anger is growing is because how does a nation who encountered Hiroshima end up in this nuclear industry as it is today? Some would answer that Japan has few resources of their own to make a different choice. What do you think?

The Supermoon

So onto another topic. The supermoon. Over the last week I've probably read up on many topics posted over the Internet from doomsday prophecies, the Hopi prophecies, the supermoon and solar flares and on and on. Mainstream scientists don't place much emphasis on the supermoon theory. However, if you search up the USA gov't website at the very bottom you will encounter that most recent studies indicate an increased correlation between the moon and earthquakes on earth. However, NASA does put some faith in the solar activity that is occurring, and last year stated they foresee huge solar activity in 2013, which could effect cell phones, satellites and so on on a larger scale.Is NASA suddenly doom and gloom?

But let's get back to the supermoon and hopi tradition, or even the Mayan predictions. If the earth is going through a cleansing period these events should likely tell us it is actually happening. The moon's supermoon activity is just a method of cleansing in it's own right based on gravitational forces. The moon also is likely encountering more a shakeup than earth is during this supermoon shakeup. Moreover, is it just a coincidence that as Japan continues to develop a deadly mox fuel program that the cleansing is also happening on a social level? Think about it. It's a wake-up call to stop using these deadly chemicals and isotopes. So putting it mildly, these doomsday prophecies are not doom and gloom, but a glimmer of hope to clean up our act literally. I just hope we don't stick our heads back into the sand again.

I am not a supporter of any prophecies or religions, nor any science. We all put faith in things we shouldn't, including scientists. And this is exactly the point. We have to educate ourselves and come to our own conclusions. However, after a week of crisis I can finally see how all different theories can actually amount to a wakeup call.
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