On the Lighter Side: Radiation HeadGear

Please don't laugh too hard. I came across some statements recently about the old tinfoil hat debate. It seems the tinfoil hat, once believed to shield radiation away from the body, is an object of a few good laughs. It's more-or-less a metaphor for paranoia; or, at least that is how I understood it. 

So after checking around to see if the tinfoil hat does, in fact, prove a reliable headgear in a nuclear emergency, I came across these surprising shielding devices, EMF shielding devices.

You can purchase interesting stuff like 'radiation blocking headbands' or silver-lined boxers, which field out non-ionizing microwave and radiowave frequencies within the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.
Click on the main title if you'd like to view some of these fascinating shielding devices. In fact, we found some interesting reading on the biological effects of radiowaves, and radiowave sickness (Click Here). We contend for some folk this is serious business. This, once again, boils down to all types of radiation potentially having adverse health effects when used beyond moderation. I must admit, I learned something new today!
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