Abandoned Manitoba: Copley Anglican Church and Cemetery

(Copley Anglican Church, erected in 1892 (1967)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey)
((1967)Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey.)

Copley Anglican Church and Cemetery, originally known as St. George's Anglican Church, built in 1892. Over time, as the original settlement passed away and diminished, the church deconsecrated in 1913. This historical church has remained in its remote location since 1913 untouched, except for folklore stories about it being used as a boot camp during the prohibition years and during the 1930s, locals attempted to protect this site by finally boarding up all doors and windows. Still fully intact in the 1960s, since then the natural environment has finally taken it's toll upon this historical structure. In a 2011 exploration the images reveal that only the outer walls remain intact, and that nature since has ravished this historical site over time since 1913.

((2011) Source:G.Goldsborough)

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