Shutter Island
Finally, Shutter Island was released many months later than its orginal release date.

I had mixed feelings, about the flick, in fact. I adored the cinematography and in certain seconds a fleeting sensory of being in Kubricks' "The Shining" -- my all time favorite flick. In other instances, I was dragged back into the more current film "Inglorious Bastards."

In the end, the beautiful old asylum, the director and cinematography and luscious scenes flowing over with voluptous memories painted in with the brush of time slowing down makes it a classic before it will be sought as so. (Kudos for the visual delights)

The plot on the other hand, leaves me wondering...

A Gorgeous Neo-1920s Prelimnary Scene

A Hauntingly Breathtaking Scene sure to be a Classic

This part is where it gets troubled...
Somehow I feel the movie did not deliver in totality here somehow...hmmm

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